Deborah Gay A. Dayrit

Founder & President

Deborah is a visionary & a community enabler. She started the community projects of AHP with her family & closest friends while working as a corporate CEO in the UAE. She also served as the Chairman of the Philippine Business Council Abu Dhabi, UAE from 2018-2020 and still holds an emeritus title for the organization. Deborah is a one of the UN Women & UN Global Compact Signatories & Participants and currently one of the 8 incubators of the Philippine government funded social enterprises under the Department of Science & Technology-Philippine Council for Industry, Energy & Emerging Research & Development (PCIEERD) WHWise Program as well as the project leader for DOST R3 Grants in Aid (DOST PSTO Bulacan) project for her research & innovation related to LunchBox Project Superfoods & its community beneficiaries.

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Timothy Dayrit

Partner & Board Member

Tim is based in Vancouver, Canada with strong experience in projects management. He handles the AHP Commercial Corporation which is mainly responsible for the management of projects that generate funds to enable AHP NGO funds its humanitarian activities.

Louise Ann Dayrit

Technology Implementers & Board Members

Louise handles AHP RMS License and AHP Merchandise. They work together for the implementation of regulatory standards related to operations of DOST/FNRI RMS License. They also manage the product & business development of AHP Merchandise which includes Hug in a Mug, AdvocaShirts & I-Write-History with beverage accessories, casual & sports apparel and stationery products respectively.

Patricia D. Estacio

Chief Finance Officer & Board Member

Patricia is a finance management specialist with corporate administrative background in the UAE. She’s handled media portfolios & multi-faceted businesses abroad prior to joining AHP. She’s currently responsible for the funding management of AHP grants as well as the finance aspects of AHP NGO, AHP Commercial & soon AHP Merchandise.

Denisse Estacio - Bautista

Chief of Operations & Board Member

Denisse has a corporate operations background in the UAE as well. She’s currently handling the full operations management of AHP Manufacturing responsible for the production of LunchBox Project Superfoods. Denisse’s strategic management & leadership is evident in successful deliveries of LBPS products to our growing customers. She’s also responsible for the creation of quality management systems & operating manuals of AHP, Inc.

Beng Rendon

Commercial Affairs Director & Partner

Beng has extensive experience in financing & investment field. She’s the head Rendon Trading whose responsible for financing the production of AHP’s partner MSMES. Rendon Trading’s significant role in AHP community engagements led to the realization of our objectives of creating sustainable communities. Our successes for the past three years would not be possible without Rendon Trading.